Public Accountability Committees Ireland is an organisation dedicated to the principles of democratic representation. We are a socially inclusive organisation, which means our goals include ensuring that the marginalised and those living in poverty have greater participation in decision making which affects their lives, enabling them to improve their living standards and their overall wellbeing.

We are a grassroots association, communities working within communities to deliver a wide range of accountability-focused outcomes. Our mandate is to provide an impartial parity of representation to our members in terms of developing public services, addressing areas where shortfalls in accountability exist, and in maximising the benefit received by members of the community from various sectors.

Our initiatives are flexible and responsive, often developed by members of local communities, extending to high-profile and high-influence private organisations. The ultimate goal of PACs Ireland is to improve the clarity of process that many feel is absent from spending and decision making in Ireland today.

Anti-immigrant camp in Dublin 'not about racism', residents say

With anti-immigrant protests in Ireland becoming increasingly violent, a group of residents from Coolock, north Dublin, have set up an anti-immigration camp of their own - one of several to have been set up over the past year. Read more here: ... [more]

Protesters at O’Gorman’s home complied with Garda orders, Commissioner says

Protesters at the home of Equality Minister Roderic O’Gorman complied when asked to leave the area, the Garda Commissioner has said. Drew Harris said that this meant legislative powers on public order were not needed. The Garda boss told a meeting of ... [more]

New regulations for financial services sector

There are concerns in the financial services sector that new laws which holds senior executives accountable for the decisions made in their firms, could be a barrier to investment in Ireland. A powerful enforcement tool for the Central Bank, the Individual Accountabi... [more]

HSE lack of accountability

Given the ongoing saga of scandal after scandal emanating from the HSE without any apparent recourse, it seems as if it operates as an independent entity accountable to no one. In normal circumstances, the people who pay the bills and wages hold sway. The HSE and som... [more]

Childrens Hospital Delayed Again

The timeline for the completion of the new national children’s hospital could “slip further” after another breakdown in communication between the board and builders, while a squad of external investigators were shut out of the site for six weeks. Th... [more]