One of the PACs Ireland core principles is to further engagement with the democratic process in Ireland today. One of the most important, if not the most important aspects of this initiative is accountability - if there are individuals, groups or organisations who benefit from public funding, whether today or by promise in the future, and yet who remain unaccountable to the public which funds them, a democratic deficit exists.

This will naturally reduce respect for and engagement with the democracy upon which our society fundamentally rests, and as such is an outcome to be avoided.

PACs Ireland is a voluntary grassroots organisation working towards the development of coherent communities and supporting those who have been marginalised by modern society. Among the many benefits of our work is improved provision of services and more effective distribution of public funding.


PACs Ireland has four main socially inclusive goals:

We will work with the unemployed, older Irish people, the disabled, children and young people as well as all sectors of Irish society which need parity of representation to advance their cultural, economic and social position and specifically to empower disadvantaged groups in order to help them to participate more effectively in society.


Public Accountability Committees Ireland is an organisation dedicated to the principles of democratic representation. We are a socially inclusive organisation, which means our goals include ensuring that the marginalised and those living in poverty have greater participation in decision making which affects their lives, enabling them to improve their living standards and their overall wellbeing.

We are a grassroots association, communities working within communities to deliver a wide range of accountability-focused outcomes. Our mandate is to provide an impartial parity of representation to our members in terms of developing public services, addressing areas where shortfalls in accountability exist, and in maximising the benefit received by members of the community from various sectors.

Our initiatives are flexible and responsive, often developed by members of local communities, extending to high-profile and high-influence private organisations. The ultimate goal of PACs Ireland is to improve the clarity of process that many feel is absent from spending and decision making in Ireland today.